The work Erik does with underprivileged and at-risk youth is appreciated in the community.



First Annual Celebrity-Am Golf Invitational

April 23-24, 2014

Erik William’s Foundation first annual Celebrity-Am Golf Invitational will be held April 23-24, 2014 at the upscale White Clay Creek Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware.


Jones Dinner Gala

Saturday July 17, 2010

On 21 May 2010 Darryl L. Jones, an African American, graduated Union Theological Seminary in New York City with a Ph.D. in the Biblical Field (i.e. New Testament). Since only a minute group of African Americans has earned such a degree (and the group is smaller among Pentecostals, Jones' religious tradition), a "Graduation [Dinner] Gala" with the theme "Pursuing Excellence in the Word " has been organized in Dr. Jones' honor. His special achievement is to serve as a point of reference to inspire other African Americans to high achievement whether in the field of Theological Education or other chosen field of endeavor (i.e. law, engineering, politics, music, sports, art, dance, etc.).

The Gala will takes place Saturday July 17th (beginning at 5pm) at the Christiana Hilton Hotel located at 100 Continental Drive in Newark, Delaware. Speakers include Michael Miller (Delaware Director of the United Negro College Fund) and Erik Williams (of the Dallas Cowboys).

To attend the event and for details, immediately contact Event Coordinator Renee Ashe at 302-740-9930 or

Donation: $30


2009 Scholarship Recipients Announced

  1. Mickal Arvie (M,14), Euless, TX
  2. Wellington Bridges (M,9), Burleson, TX
  3. Ason Bruner (M,15), Dallas, TX
  4. Thomas Edwards (M,9), Irving, TX
  5. Carson Galloway (M,16), Farmers Branch, TX
  6. Anthony Nicholas (M,11), San Antonio, TX
  7. Jabar Shy (M,11), Wilmington, DE
  8. Brandon Vineyard (M,13), Midlothian, TX
  9. Christian Vineyard (M,11), Midlothian, TX
  10. Chase Williams (M,11), Carrollton, TX
  11. Kevin Williams (M,9), Irving, TX
  12. Cassius Williams (M,12), Garland, TX